John Lewis Childs

Floral Park, New York, USA (Publisher, Distributor)

John Lewis Childs (1856–1921) was a horticultural businessman and politician who founded Floral Park, New York, and the first seed catalog business in the United States, which he established about 1875. When Childs died in 1921, the company continued to operate until his wife sold the seed catalog operation to the Edward T. Bromfield Seed Company in the mid-1920s. After the sale, the seed catalogs continued to be issued under the name John Lewis Childs Seed Company, Inc. John Lewis Childs was also the owner of the Mayflower Publishing Company in Floral Park, New York, which published the monthly gardening magazine, The Mayflower.

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John Lewis Childs (1856–1921) John Lewis Childs (1856–1921)