Ruben Publishing Co.

Newburgh, New York, USA (Photographer, Publisher)

The Ruben Publishing Co. (also Ruben's, Newburgh, N.Y. and J. Ruben, Newburgh, N.Y.) was founded by Jacob Ruben (1882–1974) in Newburgh, New York. Ruben opened a stationery business there in 1906, although his publishing business is listed at various Newburgh addresses, including 13-15 South Johnson Street, 39 Johnston Street, 95-97 Ann Street, and 76 Broadway. Ruben was a Russian-American émigré who became a well-known commercial photographer in the Hudson River Valley area near Newburgh for over four decades until after the Second World War. He was especially well-known for his tourist photographic postcard sets, which he published under his company name. He also photographed new real estate developments, bridge and road building projects, and other civic projects.

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