Theodor Eismann

Leipzig, Saxony, Germany, 1884–1914 (Publisher, Printer)

The Leipzig firm of Theodor Eismann (Th. E. L. / Theochrom) was a German lithography, letterpress, and chromolithography publishing and printing company that produced picture postcards almost exclusively for the English-speaking U.S. market. Eismann established the business in 1884, and, by 1898, the company was located at Breitkopfstraße 9, Leipzig. By 1903, Theodor Eismann had retired, and the business had moved to Bayerschestraße 28 and later to no. 78. The firm was run by Theodor Eismann’s son, Eduard Theodor Paul Eismann. Theodor Eismann’s brother, Gustav Edmund Ernst Eismann, who lived in New York City, was co-owner. The New York branch was at 124 West 18th Street.

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