W. Lawrence Publisher

Dublin, Ireland (Photographic Publisher)

William Lawrence (1840–1932) opened a photographic studio in 1865 at 5, 6, 7 Upper Sackville Street in Dublin. Although Lawrence himself was not a photographer, the studio's employees photographed views in Ireland and accumulated some 40,000 glass plates dating to the period 1880–1914. In 1880, with the advent of the dry plate process, Lawrence employed Robert French (1841–1917) as his chief photographer. French was born in Dublin and had worked in the Royal Irish Constabulary before joining the Lawrence Studio, where he worked as a printer, artist, and photographer. He took over 30,000 photographs for the Lawrence Studio, many of which Lawrence published as postcards and viewbooks. The firm closed in 1942, and the following year, the glass plates were acquired by the National Library of Ireland.

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