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Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library Interns

The Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library (DOML), published by Harvard University Press, was launched in 2010 and already includes more than 35 volumes. The three subseries of DOML include Byzantine Greek, Medieval Latin, and Old English. The standard format of the series presents original texts with facing-page translations and limited commentary, and is designed to make the written achievements of medieval and Byzantine culture available to both scholars and general readers in the English-speaking world.

Up to three summer interns will help prepare volumes for publication in the Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library. They will read, edit, and comment on the medieval Latin subseries submissions, ensuring that texts, translations, notes, and all other parts of the submission adhere to DOML style guidelines. As model readers, interns make sure that submissions are in line with the mission of making texts and translations accessible to specialized academics and educated nonspecialists alike.

Interns will be trained to identify and standardize medieval Latin orthography, to copyedit and proofread for DOML style, and to interact diplomatically with translators. They will also learn the process by which a proposal becomes a published volume and observe firsthand how texts are translated into English, often for the first time. This summer they will again have the opportunity to bolster DOML’s social media presence.

Read Harvard Magazine’s article on the launch of the Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library:


A selection of volumes from DOMLDumbarton Oaks Medieval Library

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