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The BlissesThe Publications department is seeking a summer intern to assist with the online publication of the correspondence between Robert Woods Bliss, Mildred Barnes Bliss, Royall Tyler, and Elisina Tyler in 1902–1952. Because this heavily illustrated resource (with materials from the institutional archives, libraries, and museum collections) is intended for multiple audiences, the intern will assist in the creation of an accessible, intuitive, and multilayered site, which general audiences can skim for basic information and researchers can peruse for comparative material, detailed research, and bibliographic citations. 

The summer intern will gain experience in creating and working with HTML documents and XML encoding using the digital software, Oxygen; editing / proofreading documents for online publication; and adhering to established project schedules and digital workflows.  The intern will also receive hands-on experience working with emerging tools and practices in digital scholarship and online publishing.

The first installment of the project can be viewed online at:


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