Dumbarton Oaks Museum

Museum Byzantine Coins ProgramThe Dumbarton Oaks Museum is home to one of the world’s greatest specialized collections of Byzantine coins. There are about 12,000 coins in the collection in gold, silver and bronze. With a time range that covers the entire duration of the Byzantine Empire, the collection illustrates the history of the monetary system as well as the socio-political and economic histories of the empire itself.

The intern will assist with the transfer of coin-collection catalogue data into an electronic database as well as with the rotation and installation of coin displays in the museum’s permanent galleries. In addition, the intern will devote a portion of each day to research and display preparation for an upcoming Byzantine coin exhibition.

In addition to gaining knowledge about Byzantine numismatics, the intern will acquire experience with collection database management. The intern will also gain unique insight into the work of researching, developing, and displaying an exhibition concept undertaken by the Museum team, and will acquire skills relating to curatorial tasks and exhibition preparation.

For a glimpse into the Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine coin collection, visit the online exhibition “The Byzantine Emperors on Coins.” 

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