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Dumbarton Oaks Oral History Project

Oral History Interns

The Oral History Project at Dumbarton Oaks began in 2008 with the mission of interviewing and recording all people who are or have been significantly associated with Dumbarton Oaks.

By the conclusion of the internship, interns will have (1) researched the biographies of potential interviewees, employing the Dumbarton Oaks Archives, Library, and on-line resources; (2) conducted audio-visual interviews each of approximately one hour duration; (3) transcribed these and any outstanding interviews from the audio-visual discs; and (4) prepared and published the transcribed interviews on the Dumbarton Oaks web site. They will also have authored and published several creative blog posts. From this work, Dumbarton Oaks will have obtained and disseminated important information about its founders, its history, and its fellowship and other programs.

Filming in the galleriesAlthough no prior experience with oral history interviewing is required for this internship, the interns will gain or improve their skills in identifying resources and undertaking research, conducting face-to-face interviews, computer, typing and web publication. The interns will also gain knowledge of Dumbarton Oaks’ cultural history, especially as it pertains to its founders and its intellectual programs in Byzantine, Pre-Columbian and Garden and Landscape Studies.

There are two internship positions available in the Oral History Project.

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