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Comments from past Summer Interns:

“The community at Dumbarton Oaks is full of talented, inspiring people working on incredible projects. I will definitely miss lunchtime underneath the ancient trees with all the buzz of scholarly conversation. I was surprised how – through my internship – the project scope and outcomes advanced to a degree that I hadn’t anticipated.”

-Robin Abad, Landscape Architecture Intern

Internships in ICFA

“My internship began with a period of what can only be described as total immersion. Poring over the contents of an array of acid-free boxes filled with papers and personal effects, I entered each day into the world of the professor-archaeologist-jetsetter-philanthropist-socialite himself via a road paved with primary sources.”

-Caitlin Ballotta, Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives Intern

“I was lucky to have had the opportunity to work with a new part of the Dumbarton Oaks website, the ‘online exhibits’ feature. Complementing the completion of Dumbarton Oaks Seals volume 6, we created an online exhibit for the imperial seals, which is presented here as the final project of the internship, although the process of cataloguing will no doubt stretch on for some years.” -Lain Wilson, Byzantine Seals Intern

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