Byzantine Seals Project

The Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Seals Online Catalogue is an ongoing project to record and digitize the 17,000 Byzantine lead seals held by Dumbarton Oaks and to publish them online. The Dumbarton Oaks collection is the largest in the world and contains a wealth of information of interest to economic, art, and social historians; prosopographers; and those interested in the Byzantine court, army, administration, and church.

The project proposes to complete cataloging the collection's 1,700 monogrammatic seals and to begin cataloging the collection’s metrical seals.

Interns will benefit from training in sigillography and experience with a content management system. As seals touch on every aspect of Byzantine history, interns will also have the opportunity to increase their knowledge of the empire and its peoples. The intern will become familiar with the unique Dumbarton Oaks collection; receive basic training in resolving monograms and data entry; acquire or improve skills at reading, dating, and using Byzantine seals in research; and gain insight into digital cataloging and publication. The intern will also receive training and gain experience with aspects of the Plone Content Management System; Adobe Photoshop; and the Athena Ruby font developed by Dumbarton Oaks for use in the scholarly publication of Byzantine inscriptions. 

This project would be perfect for a student with a good command of Classical Greek and Latin and reading knowledge of German. 

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