Dumbarton Oaks Outreach Media

The Director’s Office is the administrative center of Dumbarton Oaks and handles institutional communications and outreach. The intern will help with a variety of outreach projects, involving both the scholarly communities that are relevant to Dumbarton Oaks and the general public.

Byzantine Courtyard edited

The outreach media intern will pitch, storyboard, shoot, and edit short videos and create outreach materials showcasing Dumbarton Oaks collections, programming, and community. These materials will be distributed online and in the institutional newsletter. The intern will also be responsible for surveying the landscape of outreach media made available by other cultural and academic institutions and establishing a plan for future directions that Dumbarton Oaks may take.

The intern will have the opportunity to gain skills in research, reporting, and video editing, and to build a portfolio of media work that demonstrates these abilities. Through interviews and the preparation of newsletter features, the intern will gain insight into the activities and organization of diverse departments: historic gardens, research library, photographic archive, museum, and fellowship program. By researching and contributing to scholarly and public programming, the intern will be introduced to several aspects of nonprofit management, communications, and outreach in the stimulating environment of Georgetown and Washington, D.C. This is a great opportunity for a student with video and communication skills who is interested in the workings of cultural and academic institutions.

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