Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, September 22, 1938 [1]


Dear Robert.

You may imagine what these days are like here.

I’ve only got back a couple of days ago from one frantic trip, and day after tomorrow I start off on another.

Between trains, in Paris, I hope to see the objectThis object has not been identified. of which you’ll find photo. enclosed. It looks good, but the price! Well, I’ll write again after seeing it.

Fearful rush.

Poor Juritzky has fled from Austria, & is here in Switz. He is trying to get his things out. He says he has some very important ones I haven’t seen (I fancy they were in soak when I went to his place in Vienna). If he does get ‘em out I’ll see ‘em.


R. T.

Associated People: Antonin Juritzky
Associated Places: Paris (France)