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Mildred Barnes Bliss and Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, December 24, 1938 [1]

Postal Telegraph [draft]

Sent December 24th by telephone

Tyler Nations Geneva

Most surprised received today letter from KummelOtto Kümmel (1874–1952), a German art historian and director of the Berlin State Museums between 1934 and 1945. stating he’s told we acquired emperorBZ.1937.23. last spring. Supposes also acquired other missing pieces MadBZ.1938.62. and two others Stop Says were sold through unbeknownst to us without knowledge and against will of owner. Young prince a minorAt the time of his father’s death in 1931, Prince Friedrich Leopold of Prussia’s family’s property, Schloss Glienicke in Potsdam-Berlin, passed to Friedrich Karl (1919–2006), the surviving son of the deceased eldest brother, for reasons of primogeniture. But according to Friedrich Leopold’s mother’s autobiography, Behind the Scenes at the Prussian Court (London: John Murray, 1939), 247, her husband “had made a will in which he left all the works of art which he had inherited from his grandfather and from his mother to Friedrich Leopold who, as the youngest son, would not be left so very well off . . .” Stop States courts will soon have to deal with matter. Suggests we cancel sale. Says official documents at our disposal Stop Our purchase having been made in good faith cannot understand. Please communicate F. and advise.

Associated Artworks: BZ.1937.23; BZ.1938.62