Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, September 26, 1938 [2]

London, 26.IX.38This letter is preserved at Dumbarton Oaks, Byzantine Collection, Royall Tyler correspondence file.

Dear Robert

I want to get this off at once—though as I cabled you, I still have hope.

Please note, on p. 1, to be filled in:

a) Horizontal diameter of medallion, including border—

b) Date of acquisition.

If Mrs. Sessions succeeded in getting any information on provenance from Mallon, I’d like to consider it. If it seems sufficiently serious, I would add it on the proof. Of course, I want to see a proof, & to have one sent to Hayford. Much love to you both


P.S. Please note, especially, that I want the enclosed photos back. And please have it explained to the printers that they must not be retouched in any way or defaced.