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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, December 16, 1949

8 rue Quentin Bauchart8 rue Quentin-Bauchart, an elegant seven-story apartment building built in 1926–1927.

Paris VIII

Dec. 16. 49

Dear Robert,

I arrived here yest. p.m., and received both your cable of the 12th and your letter c/o Bill, of the 13th.

I’m up to ears putting the final touches to the final reportThe Final Report (A/AC.25/6) of the United Nations Economic Survey Mission for the Middle East was issued on December 28, 1949. of the Clapp mission,United Nations Economic Survey Mission for the Middle East. On August 23, 1949, the Palestine Conciliation Commission established the Economic Survey Mission on the subject of Palestinian refugees. The mission was headed by Gordon R. Clapp (1906–1963), an American authority on public administration and chairman of the Tennessee Valley Administration (1946–1954). but send this off at once to tell you that I’m telling BustrosElias (Elie) Bustros, an antiquities dealer in Beirut, Lebanon. that D.O. will take the things you mention; and that he is to confirm to Jack Th. that he is agreed on price etc.; also that on receipt of his confirmation, D.O. will apply to the Director of Antiquities as suggested.

I understand that the permit will be required for the glassBZ.1950.34. and the bronze find,BZ.1950.25, BZ.1950.26–27, BZ.1950.28, BZ.1950.29, BZ.1950.30, BZ.1950.32, and BZ.1950.33. also.

All well here—fondest love to you & Mildred.