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Arthur Salter (1881–1975)

Arthur Salter (1881–1975)

Baron James Arthur Salter was a British businessman, politician, and academic who joined the British Civil Service in 1903. Born in Oxford, England, on March 15, 1881, he was educated at Oxford University. In 1919, Salter was appointed secretary of the Supreme Economic Council in Paris and between 1920 and 1922 he served as secretary-general to the Reparation Commission. He then became head of the Financial Committee, the economic and financial section of the League of Nations secretariat at Geneva. He worked particularly for the stabilization of the currencies of Austria and Hungary and the resettlement of refugees in Greece and Bulgaria. Royall Tyler’s success after the First World War as a member of the United States delegation to the Paris Peace Conference, where he participated in discussions on reparations, and his four years as a United States delegate on the Reparation Commission (1920–1924) brought him to the attention of Arthur Salter, who recommended him as the League of Nations deputy commissioner general to oversee the economic reconstruction of Hungary. Salter died on June 27, 1975.


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