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Elisina Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, August 31, 1933

Par Arnay-le-Duc
(Côte d’Or)
August 31st 1933Thursday.

Dear Robert.

Very many thanks for your kind letter—We were so happy to have you here, that I feel all the thanks are due on our side.

Bill arrived here safely yesterday evening with Bettine and George.Probably George Frederick Wingfield Digby (1911–1989), who was a classmate of William Royall Tyler at Harrow. He was later keeper of the department of textiles at the Victoria and Albert Museum between 1947 and 1972. It is a radiant day, and they all three look happy. It was so good of you to give them hospitality, and I hope your impressions of Bettine were favourable! She is pretty and intelligent, and I think she has heart and character too. Both Bill and I love to think that your kindness will be among her first recollections of this momentous journey into her new world. I had to dash up to Paris on Sunday evening last, to see my dentist on Monday. I returned here Tuesday. I knew you were away, so I made no trip to the rue Henri Moissan. It was such a pity that my troubles should have been so ill-timed.

We are both very happy to hear what you say about Bill—And we value your opinion more than anyone’s, though we realise that you see him with the eye of affection. To any one with so much experience of life and of men as you, affection does not blind, but makes the vision keener;—though indulgence too, is the privilege of those who have such human wisdom.

My very best love to dear Mildred when you write. Bill sends you his best love. And I add mine—

Yours affectuely always

Associated People: William Royall Tyler; Bettine Tyler