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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, March 31, 1948



Dear Robert,

I have your sad lines of March 27.The whereabouts of this letter are unknown.

I now write to tell you that, the kaleidoscope having had another shake, I am now due to sail for those United States on the Queen Elizabeth,RMS Queen Elizabeth, a passenger ocean liner built in 1936 for the Cunard Line and launched in 1938. May 7.

It will be rather a rush trip, and I fear it won’t coincide, now that it’s had to be put off by a month, with the interesting events you mention.In his letter of April 15, 1948, Robert Woods Bliss mentions that the “symposium will have become a thing of the past.” The symposium was on the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople, April 22–28, 1948. But any way, I shall hope to see you and Mildred. That’s the great thing.

Much love to you both



Associated Places: Paris (France)