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Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Plut. 75, 6


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 14th c. (14th c.)
  • Illustrations: No


At least three foliations in the ms. This catalog follows folio numbers in Bandini and Pinakes.
Not listed in Pinakes:
Fol. 262v: List of sizes and distances between major cities. (unnoticed by Bandini).
Fol. 271r-271v: Pharmaca adespota (frg.).
Fols. 272r, 273r-273v: Geographica adespota (frg.).
Fol. 272v: Psellus, Michael. In XII apostolos (ed. Westerink 1992).
Fol. 272v: Computus annorum. Tabulae horarum et mensium.
Fol. 274r-274v: Menologium versibus iambicis.
Fol. 275. Pharmaca adespota.

Ms. was very likely bought in 1491 in Corfu by John Lascaris for Lorenzo de' Medici.

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