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Madrid, El Escorial, 372 (χ.ii.12)


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 16th c. (16th c.)
  • Genres: Religious misc.
  • Illustrations: No


Revilla-Andrés 372.
Nota Antiqua χ.ii.12.
Miller no. 369.

Paper, 16th cent. Θρησκευτικὰ διάφορα. See Revilla-Andrés in Bibliography and Online Resources for details.

Scribes according to Fernández Pomar are Andreas Damarius (his no. 17) for fols. 1r-1v, 8r-8v, 35-79, 162r-172v, 223r-226v and the titles to 154r, 173r, 2116r and 329v; and Michael Myrocephalita of Cydonia (his no. 40) for fols. 82r-153v; see "Escorial Copyist" in Online Resources for an example (from the Nat. Libr.) of the latter's hand, and Vogel-Gardthausen in Bibliography and Online Resources for both. Other titles and corrections by Τουρριανός (Revilla-Andrés p. 282).

The number 154 seems to have been used twice:

152v-153v :  Πρὸς τὸν Ἑφέσου Ἰσαάκ (desinit «...πρὸς τὲ πάντας εἰς δύναμιν εὐεργετεῖν ἐπιχορηγηθείσης σοι χάριτος.»

154r (semel):  †Ἑξαήμερος Ἀναστασίου μοναχοῦ ὡραίου πάνυ† (otherwise blank)

154v (semel):  blank.

154r (bis):  Ἀρχὴ τῆς Ἑξαημέρου, banner κλπ.

238v-329r  Stars like snowflakes and page like a Christmas card. Lovely.

The Escorial Library have put the whole of Revilla & Andrés’s excellent catalogue online in pdf/aspx format (see Online Resources), but navigating it can be slightly tricky and deserves comment. It’s in fifteen parts, as follows:

1/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp. i-cxxxv (prologue, corrigenda &c.).
2/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp. 001-100 (codd. 1-24 [r.i.1—r.ii.4]).
3/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp. 100-200 (codd. 25-58 [r.ii.5—r.iii.24]).
4/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp. 201-309 (codd. 59-87 [r.iii.25—σ.ii.7]).
5/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp. 310-402 (codd. 88-124 [σ.ii.8—τ.i.4]).
6/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp. 404-501 (codd. 125-157 [τ.i.5—τ.i.18]).
7/15: Vol. 1 (Revilla), pp. 502-560 (codd. 158-178 [τ.ii.19—τ.iii.18] and indices).
8/15: Vol. 2 (Andrés), pp. i-xvi (prologue) and 001-095 (codd. 179—251 [φ.i.1-υ.i.12]).
9/15: Vol. 2 (Andrés), pp. 096-193 (codd. 252-308 [υ.i.13—y.i.15]).
10/15: Vol. 2 (Andrés), pp.193-282 (codd. 309-372 [y.ii.1—χ.ii.12]).
11/15: Vol. 2 (Andrés), pp. 283-357 (codd. 373-420 [χ.ii.13—χ.iv.25]).
12/15: Vol. 3 (Andrés), pp. 001-119 (codd. 421-503 [ψ.i.1—ω.i.2]).
13/15: Vol. 3 (Andrés), pp. 120-203 (codd. 504-551 [ω.i.3—ω.iii.18]).
14/15: Vol. 3 (Andrés), pp. 204-263 (codd. 552-649 [ω.iii.19—82.vii.22]).
15/15: Vol. 3 (Andrés), pp. 265-368 (indices).