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Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vat. gr. 1188


Additional Information

  • Genres: Religious poetry
  • Illustrations: Yes


Vaticanus græcus 1188, Oracles of Leo the Wise: Χρησμοὶ Λέοντος τοῦ Σοφοῦ (TLG author 2944).

Heavily illustrated. Date and number of leaves unknown to us. Our film WEST.VAT.41 covers 25 (κεʹ) folios.

Currently no print catalogue for Vaticani græci 933-1484 (though there is an unpublished catalogue by Νικόπουλος for 2502-2632 and one in preparation by Yantz for 1288-1421). Some information can often be found in the various Studi e Testi volumes (see Bibliography) and/or the Vatican website.  The Vatican's online search engine (see Online Resources) does not as of this writing always provide stable URL's, but manuscripts can be searched by call-number with an "Index" search. These often provide bibliographical material. Further information can also often be had by performing a Google search with "" specified as the domain (do an Advanced Search or add "" to the terms).

For P.J. Alexander in Bibliography and Online Resources, see particularly p. 132, note 14.