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Byzantine Defenders of Images

Eight Saints’ Lives in English Translation

Alice-Mary Talbot, editor

Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Saints' Lives in Translation

Historical Texts: Facsimiles and Translations, Byzantine Studies, Byzantine History

This volume introduces saints who were active during the period of the iconoclastic controversy in Byzantium (726–843). For almost a century and a half, theological and popular opinions were strongly divided on the question of the manufacture and veneration icons of Christ, the Virgin, and saints.

The seven vitae feature holy men and women who opposed imperial edicts and suffered for their defense of images, from the nun Theodosia whose efforts to save the icon of Christ Chalkites made her the first iconodule martyr, to Symeon of Lesbos, the pillar saint whose column was attacked by religious fanatics.

Byzantine Saints' Lives in Translation, 2


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