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Death and the Afterlife in Pre-Columbian America

Elizabeth P. Benson, editor

Dumbarton Oaks Pre-Columbian Symposia and Colloquia

Art, Dumbarton Oaks Symposia Proceedings, Pre-Columbian Studies

James A. Brown, “Spiro Art and Its Mortuary Contexts”

Peter T. Furst, “House of Darkness and House of Light: Sacred Functions of West Mexican Funerary Art”

Cecelia F. Klein, “Post-Classic Mexican Death Imagery as a Sign of Cyclic Completion”

Michael D. Coe, “Death and the Ancient Maya”

Elizabeth P. Benson, “Death-associated Figures on Mochica Pottery”

Edward and Jane Powell Dwyer, “The Paracas Cemeteries: Mortuary Patterns in a Peruvian South Coastal Tradition”

Johannes Wilbert, “Eschatology in a Participatory Universe: Destinies of the Soul among the Warao Indians of Venezuela”

Michael D. Coe, “Closing Remarks”


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