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Highland-Lowland Interaction in Mesoamerica

Interdisciplinary Approaches

Arthur G. Miller, editor

Dumbarton Oaks Pre-Columbian Symposia and Colloquia

Archaeology, Dumbarton Oaks Symposia Proceedings, Pre-Columbian Studies


Arthur G. Miller, “Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Mesoamerican Highland-Lowland Interaction: Some Introductory Remarks”

B. L. Turner II, “Comparison of Agrotechnologies in the Basin of Mexico and Central Maya Lowlands: Formative to the Classic Maya Collapse”

Clemency Coggins, “An Instrument of Expansion: Monte Alban, Teotihuacan, and Tikal”

Robert S. Santley, “Obsidian Trade and Teotihuacan Influence in Mesoamerica”

Joseph W. Ball, “Teotihuacan, the Maya, and Ceramic Interchange: A Contextual Perspective”

John S. Justeson, William M. Norman, Lyle Campbell, and Terrence Kaufman, “The Foreign Impact on Lowland Mayan Language and Script: A Summary”

Marshall Joseph Becker, “Kings and Classicism: Political Change in the Maya Lowlands during the Classic Period”

Jacinto Quirarte, “Outside Influence at Cacaxtla”

Flora S. Clancy, “A Comparison of Highland Zapotec and Lowland Maya Graphic Styles”

Robert J. Sharer, “Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Mesoamerican Highland-Lowland Interaction: A Summary View”


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