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Latin American Horizons

Don Stephen Rice, editor

Dumbarton Oaks Pre-Columbian Symposia and Colloquia

Dumbarton Oaks Symposia Proceedings, Pre-Columbian Studies

Don Stephen Rice, “The Making of Latin American Horizons: An Introduction to the Volume”

Rebecca Stone-Miller, “An Overview of ‘Horizon’ and ‘Horizon Style’ in the Study of Ancient American Objects”

Richard L. Burger, “The Chavin Horizon: Stylistic Chimera or Socioeconomic Metamorphosis?”

David C. Grove, “ ‘Olmec’ Horizons in Formative Period Mesoamerica: Diffusion or Social Evolution?”

Esther Pasztory, “An Image is Worth a Thousand Words: Teotihuacan and the Meanings of Style in Classic Mesoamerica”

Arthur A. Demarest and Antonia E. Foias, “Mesoamerican Horizons and the Cultural Transformations of Maya Civilization”

Alan L. Kolata, “Understanding Tiwanaku: Conquest, Colonization, and Clientage in the South Central Andes”

Richard P. Schaedel, “Congruence of Horizon with Polity: Huari and the Middle Horizon”

Richard A. Diehl, “The Toltec Horizon in Mesoamerica: New Perspectives on an Old Issue”

Emily Umberger and Cecelia F. Klein, “Aztec Art and Imperial Expansion”

John Hyslop, “Factors influencing the Transmission and Distribution of Inka Cultural Materials throughout Tawantinsuyu”

Don Stephen Rice, “The Status of Latin American Horizons”


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