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Mesoamerica after the Decline of Teotihuacan, A.D. 700–900

Richard A. Diehl and Janet Catherine Berlo, editors

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Art History, Archaeology, Pre-Columbian Studies

From the introduction: "This book deals with [a] transitional episode in Mesoamerican prehistory: the decline of Teotihuacan in the eighth and ninth centuries A.D. If [René] Millon is correct," that Teotihuacan influenced the entire civilized world of Mesoamerica, "the demise of this great city triggered one of the most pervasive transformations in the long history of" the region's civilization. "This book examines the cultures of that era and the effects that Teotihuacan's decline had on them."

Papers based on the 1984 Summer Seminar, "Cultural Adjustments after the Decline of Teotihuacan"


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