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Patronage in Thirteenth-Century Constantinople

An Atelier of Late Byzantium Book Illumination and Calligraphy

Hugo Buchthal and Hans Belting

Dumbarton Oaks Studies

Art, Art History, Byzantine Studies, Byzantine History

This monograph is devoted to a group of fifteen illuminated Byzantine manuscripts of the late thirteenth century which, though closely interrelated and the result of collaboration by a very small number of scribes and artists, defy classification as works of a single scriptorium. It is argued that they were commissioned by an imperial princess who personally assembled a team of eminent craftsmen expressly to produce a limited number of distinguished books showing common characteristics and adhering to a common codicological program. The evidence offers an unexpected insight into the unique conditions that were responsible for some of the finest surviving illustrated manuscripts of the Palaeologan period.

Dumbarton Oaks Studies 16


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