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Pre-Columbian Metallurgy of South America

Elizabeth P. Benson, editor

Dumbarton Oaks Pre-Columbian Symposia and Colloquia

Art, Archaeology, Dumbarton Oaks Symposia Proceedings, Pre-Columbian Studies

Heather Lechtman,“Issues in Andean Metallurgy”

Alicia Dussán de Reichel, “Some Observations on the Prehistoric Goldwork of Colombia”

Julie Jones, “Mochica Works of Art in Metal: A Review”

Junius B. Bird, “The “Copper Man”: A Prehistoric Miner and His Tools from Northern Chile”

Alberto Rex González, “Pre-Columbian Metallurgy of NorthwestArgentina: Historical Development and Cultural Process”

Luis I. Rodríguez Orrego, “A Site of Metallurgical Activity in Northwest Argentina”


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