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The Homilies of Photius, Patriach of Constantinople

English Translation, Introduction, and Commentary

Cyril Mango, translator

Dumbarton Oaks Studies

Historical Texts: Facsimiles and Translations, Byzantine Studies, Byzantine History

From the Preface: "Among the literary documents of the ninth century an important place is held by the Homilies of the Patriarch Photius, unquestionably the greatest figure of his time. . . . His Homilies in particular have remained almost unread by modern historians . . . [and] it has appeared desirable to present the Homilies in an English version, and thus make more generally available this primary source for the intellectual, religious, and political history of the ninth century."

"Mr. Mango has given [those interested in Byzantine history] access to indispensable source material . . . [and] is to be warmly congratulated on this contribution to ninth-century Byzantine and ecclesiastical history." Joan Hussey, Speculum

Dumbarton Oaks Studies 3


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