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The Southeast Classic Maya Zone

Elizabeth H. Boone and Gordon R. Willey, editors

Dumbarton Oaks Pre-Columbian Symposia and Colloquia

Dumbarton Oaks Symposia Proceedings, Pre-Columbian Studies


David Webster, “Copan as a Classic Maya Center”

Robert J. Sharer, “Quirigua as a Classic Maya Center”

Berthold Riese, “Epigraphy of the Southeast Zone in Relation to Other Parts of Mesoamerica”

Clemency Chase Coggins, “On the Historical Significance of Decorated Ceramics at Copan and Quirigua and Related Classic Maya Sites”

Claude F. Baudez, “Solar Cycle and Dynastic Succession in the Southeast Maya Zone”

Mary Ellen Miller, “The Meaning and Function of the Main Acropolis Copan”

Flora S. Clancy, “The Composition and Contexts of the Classic Stelae at Copan and Quirigua”

Patricia A. Urban and Edward M. Schortman, “The Southeast Zone Viewed from the East: Lower Motagua-Naco Valleys”

Rosemary A. Joyce, “The Ulua Valley and the Coastal Maya Lowlands: The View from Cerro Palenque”

Kenneth G. Hirth, “Beyond the Maya Frontier: Cultural Interaction and Syncretism along the Central Honduran Corridor”

Arthur A. Demarest, “Political Evolution in the Maya Borderlands: The Salvadoran Frontier”

Gordon R. Willey, “The Southeast Classic Maya Zone: A Summary”


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