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The Economic History of Byzantium

Angeliki E. Laiou, editor-in-chief

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Volume 1



Angeliki E. Laiou, Writing the Economic History of Byzantium

Angeliki E. Laiou, Political History: An Outline

Part One: The Natural Environment, Resources, Communications, and Production Techniques

Bernard Geyer, Physical Factors in the Evolution of the Landscape and Land Use

Angeliki E. Laiou, The Human Resources

Anna Avramea, Land and Sea Communications, Fourth--Fifteenth Centuries

George Makris, Ships

Anthony Bryer, The Means of Agricultural Production: Muscle and Tools

Klaus-Peter Matschke, Mining

Maria K. Papathanassiou, Metallurgy and Metalworking Techniques

Jean-Pierre Sodini, Marble and Stoneworking in Byzantium, Seventh--Fifteenth Centuries

Anna Muthesius, Essential Processes, Looms, and Technical Aspects of the Production of Silk Textiles

Part Two: The Sixth Century, Background

Cécile Morrisson and Jean-Pierre Sodini, The Sixth-Century Economy

Case Study

James Russell, Anemourion

Part Three: Structures, Organization, and Development of Production


Jacques Lefort, The Rural Economy, Seventh--Twelfth Centuries

Angeliki E. Laiou, The Agrarian Economy, Thirteenth--Fifteenth Centuries

Pierre Toubert, Byzantium and the Mediterranean Agrarian Civilization

Volume 2

Urban Economy

Gilbert Dagron, The Urban Economy, Seventh--Twelfth Centuries

Klaus-Peter Matschke, The Late Byzantine Urban Economy, Thirteenth--Fifteenth Centuries

Charalambos Bouras, Aspects of the Byzantine City, Eighth--Fifteenth Centuries

Paul Magdalino, Medieval Constantinople: Built Environment and Urban Development

Charalambos Bouras, Master Craftsmen, Craftsmen, and Building Activities in Byzantium

Anthony Cutler, The Industries of Art

Nicolas Oikonomides, Writing Materials, Documents, and Books

Véronique François and Jean-Michel Spieser, Pottery and Glass in Byzantium

Christopher Entwistle, Byzantine Weights

Case Studies

Clive Foss and Jane Ayer Scott, Sardis

Klaus Rheidt, The Urban Economy of Pergamon

Aspasia Louvi-Kizi, Thebes

Maria Kazanaki-Lappa, Medieval Athens

G. D. R. Sanders, Corinth

Vasso Penna, Numismatic Circulation in Corinth from 976 to 1204

Anne Bortoli and Michel Kazanski, Kherson and Its Region

Ivan Jordanov, Preslav

Konstantin Dochev, Turnovo, Sixth--Fourteenth Centuries

Part Four: Exchange, Trade, and Markets

Angeliki E. Laiou, Economic and Non-Economic Exchange

Angeliki E. Laiou, Exchange and Trade, Seventh--Twelfth Centuries

Klaus-Peter Matschke, Commerce, Trade, Markets, and Money, Thirteenth--Fifteenth Centuries

John Day, The Levant Trade in the Middle Ages

Cécile Morrisson and Jean-Claude Cheynet, Prices and Wages in the Byzantine World

Special Topics

Haris Kalligas, Monemvasia, Seventh--Fifteenth Centuries

Frederick van Doorninck, Jr., Byzantine Shipwrecks

Volume 3

Part Five: Economic Institutions and the State

Cécile Morrisson, Byzantine Money: Its Production and Circulation

John Day, A Note on Monetary Mechanisms, East and West

Nicolas Oikonomides, The Role of the Byzantine State in the Economy

Legal Aspects of the Economy

Eleutheria Papagianni, Legal Institutions and Practice in Matters of Ecclesiastical Property

Eleutheria Papagianni, Protimesis (Preemption) in Byzantium

Eleutheria Papagianni, Byzantine Legislation on Economic Activity Relative to Social Class

Demetrios Gofas, The Byzantine Law of Interest

Olga Maridaki-Karatza, Legal Aspects of the Financing of Trade

Part Six: General Traits of the Byzantine Economy

Angeliki E. Laiou, Economic Thought and Ideology

Angeliki E. Laiou, The Byzantine Economy: An Overview

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Thematic Index

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