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Landscape Design and the Experience of Motion

Michel Conan, editor

Dumbarton Oaks Colloquium on the History of Landscape Architecture

This volume presents new scholarship on an important but largely unexplored topic in the field of Landscape Studies: the experience of motion through a garden or designed landscape. As Conan suggests in his introduction, human movement—circulation—takes place partly in response to, or in accordance with, the designer’s intentions.The essays span Europe, Asia, and the Americas, while covering the modern era as well as the ancient world. The diverse backgrounds and fields of specialization of the authors, from anthropology to art history, bring fresh perspectives and new ways of thinking about the experience of motion.

Published 2007

This book is currently unavailable in print.


Michel Conan, Introduction: Garden and Landscape Design, from Emotion to the Construction of Self

Linda Parshall, Motion and Emotion in C. C. L. Hirschfeld's Theory of Garden Art

Stephen Bann, Sensing the Stones: Bernard Lassus and the Ground of Landscape Design

Patricia Johanson, Beyond Choreography: Shifting Experiences in Uncivilized Gardens

Ann Kuttner, Modalities of Movement in a Garden and Their Representation Delight and Danger in the Roman Water Garden: Sperlonga and Tivoli

Norris Brock Johnson, Mountain, Temple, and the Design of Movement: Thirteenth-Century Japanese Zen Buddhist Landscapes

John Dixon Hunt, "Lordship of the Feet": Toward a Poetics of Movement in the Garden

Anette Freytag, When the Railway Conquered the Garden: Velocity in Parisian and Viennese Parks

Stanislaus Fung, Movement and Stillness in Ming Writings on Gardens

Michael Charlesworth, Movement, Intersubjectivity, and Mercantile Morality at Stourhead

Michel Conan, Landscape Metaphors and Metamorphosis of Time



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