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Native Traditions in the Postconquest World

Elizabeth Hill Boone and Tom Cummins, editors

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Front Matter and Contents

Elizabeth Hill Boone, Introduction

Colonization and Culture Change

Angeliki E. Laiou, The Many Faces of Medieval Colonization

James Lockhart, Three Experiences of Culture Contact: Nahua, Maya, and Quechua

Confrontation of Values

John V. Murra, Litigation over the Rights of "Natural Lords" in Early Colonial Courts in the Andes

Irene Silverblatt, Family Values in Seventeenth-Century Peru

Presentations of Self-Image in Objects, Images, and Alphabetic Texts

Tom Cummins, Let Me See! Reading Is for Them: Colonian Andean Images and Objects "como es costumbre tener los caciques Señores"

Elizabeth Hill Boone, Pictorial Documents and Visual Thinking in Postconquest Mexico

Stephanie Wood, The Social vs. Legal Context of Nahuatl Títulos

Interpreting the Past for the Present

Susan D. Gillespie, The Aztec Triple Alliance: A Postconquest Tradition

Frank Salomon, Collquiri's Dam: The Colonial Re-Voicing of an Appeal to the Archaic

Sabine MacCormack, Time, Space, and Ritual Action: The Inka and Christian Calendars in Early Colonial Peru

Religious Contest, Negotiation, and Convergence

María Rostworowski, Pachacamac and El Señor de los Milagros

Louise M. Burkhart, Pious Performances: Christian Pagentry and Native Identity in Early Colonial Mexico

Language as the Armature of Identity

Bruce Mannheim, A Nation Surrounded

Franes Karttunen, Indigenous Writing as a Vehicle of Postconquest Continuity and Change in Mesoamerica

Tom Cummins, Native Traditions in the Postconquest World: Commentary


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