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Dumbarton Oaks Papers 53 (1999)

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(Note: For illustrated articles plates are in separate files from text. This allows you to open a second browser window and view text and plates at the same time.)


Symposium on Aesthetics and Presentation in Byzantine Literature, Art, and Music

John Duffy, Embellishing the Steps: Elements of Presentation and Style in the Heavenly Ladder of John Climacus

A. R. Littlewood, The Byzantine Letter of Consolation in the Macedonian and Komnenian Periods

Tomas Hägg, Photius as a Reader of Hagiography: Selection and Criticism

Ruth Webb, The Aesthetics of Sacred Space: Narrative, Metaphor and Motion in Ekphraseis of Church Buildings

Alice-Mary Talbot, Epigrams in Context: Metrical Inscriptions on Art and Architecture of the Palaiologan Era / Plates

Margaret Alexiou, Ploys of Performance: Games and Play in the Ptochoprodromic Poems

Panagiotis A. Agapitos, Dreams and the Spatial Aesthetics of Narrative Presentation in Livistros and Rhodamne

Nancy P. Sevcenko, The Vita Icon and the Painter as Hagiographer / Plates

Cynthia Hahn, Narrative on the Golden Altar of Sant'Ambrogio in Milan: Presentation and Reception / Plates

Henry Maguire, The Profane Aesthetic in Byzantine Art and Literature / Plates

Christian Hannick, Exégèse, typologie et rhétorique dans l'hymnographie byzantine

Miscellaneous Articles

Antony Eastmond, Narratives of the Fall: Structure and Meaning in the Genesis Frieze at Hagia Sophia, Trebizond / Plates

Mark J. Johnson, The Lost Royal Portraits of Gerace and Cefalù Cathedrals / Plates

George C. Maniatis, Organization, Market Structure, and Modus Operandi of the Private Silk Industry in Tenth-Century Byzantium

Fieldwork Report

C. S. Lightfoot et al., The Amorium Project: The 1997 Study Season / Plates

Constantinople: The Fabric of the City: Dumbarton Oaks Symposium 1998

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