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John magistros (?) (seventh century)

Accession number BZS.1947.2.398
Diameter 23 mm
Field diameter 19 mm


Cruciform monogram. Border of dots.

 - ι - ν - ο - υ - ω



Cruciform monogram. Border of dots.

 - γ - ι - μ - ο - ρ - τ - υ

μαγίστρου (?)


Ἰωάννου μαγίστρου (?).

(Seal of) John magistros (?).


The reverse monogram seems to read magistros, but is missing the Σ. Perhaps it can be found somewhere strange such as backwards within the loop of the Ρ, but it seems that it is omitted. It is possible that the seal has another reading, but with this combination of letters, it seems most likely that we have an omitted, but implied, Σ.