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Euthalios/Thalelaios (?) (sixth/seventh century)

Accession number BZS.1955.1.273
Diameter 22 mm


Bust of the Virgin, facing, nimbate with Christ before her, although details of his figure are obscure. In fields to l. and r., crosses. Indeterminate border.


Cruciform monogram. Indeterminate border.

-  - θ - ι - λ - ο -  - υ

Εὐθαλίου/Θαλελαίου (?)


Εὐθαλίου/Θαλελαίου (?).

(Seal of) Euthalios/Thalelaios (?).


The reverse monogram is uncertain, as its details are corroded. The central letter may be a Φ or a Θ, though a resolution is difficult to find if it is a Φ. The termination of the right arm seems to be a Λ, though could also be a backwards ν, or even something else entirely. The bottom arm of the cross is likely an Α, though could be a Λ (if the right arm is not).