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Baldwin II (1240-1261)

Accession number BZS.1955.1.4354
Diameter 53 mm
Condition Three holes.
Previous Editions

DO Seals 6, no. 99.2.


The emperor seated on a backless throne. He wears a crown with a cross, and a loros draped over the left arm; he holds a labarum in the right hand and a globus cruciger in the left. Circular inscription, between a double border of dots.


Balduinus De[i g]ratia imp(er)at(or) Ro[manie semp(er) augu(stus)]?


The emperor on horseback, wearing armor and holding a cross-topped scepter in the right hand. Circular inscription, between a double border of dots.

ΒΑ..................ΦΥΡΟΓΕ ΤΟΣΦΛΑΝΤΡΑΣ

Βα[λδουῖνος δεσπότης πορ]φυρογέννητος Φλάντρας


Balduinus Dei gratia imperator Romanie semper augustus. Βαλδουῖνος δεσπότης πορφυρογέννητος Φλάντρας.

Baldwin, by the Grace of God, emperor of the Roman realm, eternal augustus. Baldwin of Flanders, despotes and porphyrogennetos.


Hendy observes (DOC 4.1: p. 165 and note 87) that Baldwin’s cross-topped crown and loros conform more to Byzantine taste in imperial regalia and fashion than the crowns and dress of Henry and Robert. See also now for a discussion of dress and regal accoutrements of the Latin emperors C. Morrisson, “Sceaux et bulles des empereurs latins de Constantinople: l’assimilation de l’héritage byzantin,” in 1204, la quatrième croisade: de Blois à Constantinople et éclats d’empires, ed. I. Villela-Petit (= Revue française d’héraldique et de sigillographie 73–75 [2003–5]), 117–20.