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The imperial kommerkia of Thessalonica (738/9)

Accession number BZS.1955.1.4399
Diameter 27 mm
Condition Blank too small for die.
Previous Editions

DO Seals 1, no. 18.28.
Zacos-Veglery, no. 255a.


Half-length representations of Justinian II (left), bearded, and Tiberios, beardless, holding a long cross on a rectangular base between them (the child's hand above the father's). No visible border.


Inscription. No visible border.


Τῶν βασιλικῶν κομμερκίων Θεσαλονίκις. Ἰνδικτιὼν ζˊ


Τῶν βασιλικῶν κομμερκίων Θεσαλονίκις. Ἰνδικτιὼν ζˊ.

(Seal) of the imperial kommerkia of Thessalonica. Indiction 7.


This seal and DO Seals 1, no. 18.29 were issued by the same office in the same year but are from different boulloteria and bear slightly different inscriptions. They are therefore published separately. The seals of imperial kommerkia (730/1-832/3), listed by Zacos-Veglery, 192-97, seem to come from offices run by state officials for the state (and not by tax farmers): see Oikonomides, Kommerkiarioi, 41.