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Athanasios (?) protekdikos (?) and sakellarios (ninth century)

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Laurent, Corpus V/3, no. 1644.


21 mm
Hole in center; blank too small for die.


Athanasios (?) protekdikos (?) and sakellarios (ninth century)

Bust of the Virgin, nimbate, holding the medallion of Christ before her. Inscription: ΘΕ̅|ΟΙ: Θεοτόκε βοίθει. Linear border.

Θεοτόκε βοίθει


Athanasios (?) protekdikos (?) and sakellarios (ninth century)

Inscription in four lines. No visible border.


Ἀθανασίῳ (?) πρωτεκδίκ (?) καὶ σακκελαρί


Θεοτόκε βοίθει Ἀθανασίῳ (?) πρωτεκδίκῳ (?) καὶ σακκελαρίῳ.

Theotokos, help Athanasios (?) protekdikos (?) and sakellarios.



The restoration of the name is uncertain--there seems to be the remnants of an Α before the Θ in the top line, which would render this name Athanasios, however if this A is not present, then the name could be any number of names beginning with Θ (i.e. Theodore, Theodosios, etc.). Laurent, misreads the second line, where there is clearly a ΠΡ, before the ΕΚ. The ΠΡ, can be interpreted in three ways: either this individual is a πρώτῳ (protos), a πρεσβύτερῳ (priest), or this forms the first part of the next word, and he is a πρωτεκδίκου (protekdikos). The former is the least likely, especially with the other two offices this individual owns. That he is a priest is entirely possible--but seems slightly less likely based on its placement foremost within the inscription and its abbreviation here without a καὶ thereafter, than the latter possibility, that this individual is the head of the ekdikoi, the protekdikos. This would be an unusually early seal of a protekdikos, but the position had existed since the late seventh century (ODB, "protekdikos").


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