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Lavra of the Eirenoupolitai of (Mt.) Latros (eleventh century)

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Previous Editions

DO Seals 3, no. 22.2a.

Laurent, Corpus V/3, no. 1933.


23 mm
18 mm


Lavra of the Eirenoupolitai of (Mt.) Latros (eleventh century)

Bust of the Virgin holding the medallion of Christ before her. On either side the sigla: ̅-θ̅υ : Μή(τη)ρ Θ(εο)ῦ. Tongues of fire above. Border of dots.


Lavra of the Eirenoupolitai of (Mt.) Latros (eleventh century)

Inscription of four lines, decorations above and below. Border of dots.


Λαύρα Εἰρινουπολι(τῶν) τοῦ Λάτρου(ς).


Λαύρα Εἰρινουπολιτῶν τοῦ Λάτρους.

Lavra of the Eirenoupolitai of Latros.



This seal and BZS.1958.106.176 come from the same boulloterion.

The "μονὴ τῶν Εἰρηνούντων" is attested on the Latros in a document of 1222 (MM IV, 296; cf. Janin, Grands centres, 224). Our seal may show that the community was in existence in the eleventh century. Yet this identification remains uncertain since the name Εἰρηνουπολίτης indicates someone originating from Eirenoupolis, and two such cities certainly existed in Asia Minor (one in Isauria and one in Cilicia); and it is conceivable to have an "ethnic" monastic community in a center with the reputation of Latros.

The monastic community of Mt. Latros was situated near Milet in Caria. The first secure traces of the community date from the year 787. The community benefited from the largess on the part of Romanos I Lakapenos, suffered considerably from the Turks, starting with the late 70s of the eleventh century, had a new period of flourishing in the twelfth century, and survived until the fourteenth century. It contained several monasteries, the most important of which were the ones of Stylos (or St. Paul) and of Kellibara. The whole monastic community formed a kind of confederation with an archimandrites at its head. See Laurent, Corpus V/2, 156; Janin, Grands centres, 215-40; ODB II, 1188-89; and D. Stiernon in DHGE, fasc. 143 (1993) 1399-1403.


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