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Euphemianos metropolitan (?) (seventh century)

Accession number BZS.1958.106.1496
Diameter 26 mm


A military saint, likely St. Theodore, stabbing a snake with a cross-topped spear, his left hand resting on a shield set on the ground. A tree on the right. Border of dots.


Cruciform monogram. Border of dots.

ε - η - ι - λ - μ - ν - ο - π - ρ - τ - υ - φ - ω

Εὐφημιανῷ μητροπολιτῃ


Εὐφημιανῷ μητροπολιτῃ.

Euphemianos metropolitan.


This seems the most likely reading of the complex reverse monogram; another possibility is Euphemianos patrikios, but this is made less likely by the presence of the Ω in ligature with the Μ at the bottom, which indicates that this seal must contain both a and be in the dative (with an implied invocation) or a Ω and be in the genitive. With the office of metropolitan in the dative, all of the letters required are accounted for.