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Alexios I Komnenos (1081–1118)

Accession Number:
BZS.1958.106.497 (formerly DO 58.106.497)

Previous Editions

DO Seals 6, no. 88.35; Zacos-Veglery, no. 102e.


20 mm
16 mm


Alexios I Komnenos (1081–1118)

Christ seated on a high-back throne, wearing a tunic and himation and holding the right hand in blessing and a book in the left. His feet rest on a dais. Sigla at left and right: (ησοῦ)ς Χ(ριστό)ς. Border of dots.


Alexios I Komnenos (1081–1118)

The emperor Alexios I bearded standing on a dais, wearing a crown and a loros, an end of which is draped over his left wrist. He holds a labarum in the right hand and a globus cruciger in the left. Circular inscription, beginning at 7:30. Border of dots.


Ἀλεξίῳ δεσπ(ό)τ() τῷ Κ(ομνηνῷ).


Ἀλεξίῳ δεσπότ τῷ Κομνηνῷ.

Alexios Komnenos, despotes.



Apart from the dimensions of the diameter, the specimen contrasts with others in our series with regard to the simplicity of Christ’s throne and the lettering of the inscription identifying the emperor. There appear to be no dots on the loros draped over the left wrist. A seal of similar size is published by Seibt, Bleisiegel, no. 27b.


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