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Herakleios, Herakleios Constantine, and Heraklonas (638–41)

Accession Number:
BZS.1958.106.508 (formerly DO 58.106.508)

Previous Editions

DO Seals 6, no. 17.1a; Zacos–Veglery, no. 14a.


26 mm
19 mm


Herakleios, Herakleios Constantine, and Heraklonas (638–41)

The Mother of God standing, wearing a chiton and maphorion, and holding Christ before her. Her left leg is bent at the knee. A small cross potent at shoulder level at left and right. Wreath border.


Herakleios, Herakleios Constantine, and Heraklonas (638–41)

Three emperors standing: in center, Herakleios, bearded; at left, Heraklonas, beardless; and at right, Herakleios Constantine, beardless. Each figure wears a crown with a cross and a chlamys and holds a globus cruciger in his right hand. A cross in upper field at left. No inscription. Wreath border.



The dating of seals depicting Heraklonas on which he is fairly short depends upon whether the crown represents his rank of augustus, attained in July of 638. This entry follows Zacos and Veglery in affirming this chronology, whereas Morrisson, who does not believe that Heraklonas's small crown is indicative of his status as an augustus, suggests (with reference to the parallel of this seal) a date between 1 January 632 and 7 April 638.

Zacos and Veglery describe Christ as being in a mandorla. This is not clear. The Mother of God seems to be holding him with her left hand under his foot. The cross on Herakleios’s crown is slightly off center to the left.


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