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Theodore archbishop of Cyprus (seventh/eighth century)

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DO Seals 2, no. 38.16.


26 mm


Theodore archbishop of Cyprus (seventh/eighth century)

Bust of a bearded saint blessing and holding the book. On the right, a cross. Wreath border.


Theodore archbishop of Cyprus (seventh/eighth century)

Within a circle of dots, a cruciform monogram (type V). Between two borders, a circular inscription beginning with a cross.


Θεοτόκε βοήθει Θεωδώρῳ ἀρχιεπισκόπῳ Κύπρου


Θεοτόκε βοήθει Θεωδώρῳ ἀρχιεπισκόπῳ Κύπρου.

Mother of God, help Theodore archbishop of Cyprus.



The design and technique of execution of this seals is very close to DO Seals 2, no. 36.8 and 36.11. This places it chronologically very close to DO Seals 2, no. 38.15 (BZS 1955.1.613) and suggests that we might have here one and the same person; but in this early period, the succession of the archbishops is confused, and we realize that the chronicle of Machairas (but neither the Synodikon nor Boustronios) mentions two Theodores at about that time (V. Laurent, "Les fastes épiscopaux de l'Église de Chypre," REB 6 [1948] 155, 160).


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