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Basil II (976-1025)

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DO Seals 6, no. 68.9.


29 mm


Basil II (976-1025)

Half-length representation of Christ Emmanuel bearded, wearing a tunic and himation. He offers a blessing with his right hand and holds a book in his left. He has a nimbus cruciger with a decoration of two dots on each arm. On either side the sigla: Ἰ(ησοῦ)ς Χ(ριστό)ς. Circular inscription visible at right. Border of dots.




Basil II (976-1025)

Half-length representation of Basil II wearing a crown with pendilia and a loros. He holds a globus cruciger in his right hand and an akakia in his left. Note that the cross atop the globus cruciger is decorated with small globules. Border of dots.


Ba[sil(ios) auto]crat(or)


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