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Constantine IX Monomachos (1042-55)

Accession Number:
BZS.1958.106.631 (formerly DO 58.106.631)

Previous Editions

DO Seals 6, no. 73.11.


29 mm
28 mm
Blank too small for dies.


Constantine IX Monomachos (1042-55)

Half-length representation of Christ Emmanuel, bearded, wearing a tunic and himation and holding the right hand in blessing and in the left a book with a cover ornamented in center with two pellets. He has a nimbus cruciger; each arm contains a decoration consisting of five pellets. Sigla at left and right: (ησοῦ)ς Χ(ριστό)ς. Circular inscription. Border of dots.




Constantine IX Monomachos (1042-55)

Half-length representation of (Constantine IX?) bearded, wearing a crown with a cross and pendilia and a loros. He is shown holding a long cross scepter in the right hand and a globus cruciger in the left. Circular inscription. Border of dots.


[Cωnst(a)n(tinos)] autocr(ator) au(gustus) R(o)m(aion).


Cωnstantinos autocrator augustus Romaion.

Constantine, autocrator (and) augustus of the Romans.



Although the emperor’s name is missing, one can be fairly certain, judging from the inscription and imperial regalia, that the specimen is to be attributed to Constantine IX.


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