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Narses Paul(inos) (sixth/seventh century)

Accession number BZS.1958.106.873
Diameter 25 mm
Field diameter 21 mm


Cruciform monogram. Indeterminate border.

α - ν - ο - ρ - σ - υ



Block monogram. Wreath border.

α - ι - λ - ν - ο - π - υ

Παυλίνου or Παύλου


Ναρσοῦ Παυλίνου / Παύλου.

(Seal of) Narses and Paulinos (or Paul).


The relationship between the two names contained within the monograms is unclear. The block monogram may be read as Παυλίνῳ (Paulinos) or Παύλῳ (Paul), the former being more likely as there seems to be a Ν, although the latter is a much more common name, and the presence of the Ν could be justified as necessary for the Α.