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Adrianne Varitimidis

Program Coordinator for Pre-Columbian Studies

Adrianne Varitimidis.

Adrianne Varitimidis joined Dumbarton Oaks in 2018 and currently serves as the program coordinator for Pre-Columbian Studies. In this role, she supports the director of Pre-Columbian Studies, fellowship program, research awards, lecture series, symposia, and colloquia; collaborates with other departments to expand scholarly events and Dumbarton Oaks’ presence in the field; advises Pre-Columbian fellows and scholars; and facilitates smooth running of all other operations in the program. 

Varitimidis has a bachelor of arts in history from Wake Forest University and is currently pursuing a master of liberal arts in the field of museum studies. She is interested in learning about museum technologies and how they can promote visitor experience and engagement.