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Juan Antonio Murro

Associate Curator, Pre-Columbian Collection

Juan Antonio Murro.

Juan Antonio Murro joined Dumbarton Oaks in 2004, and currently serves as the associate curator of the Pre-Columbian Collection. In this role, he oversees the care, preservation, research, and diffusion of the Robert Woods Bliss Collection of Pre-Columbian Art. With more than twenty-five years of museum experience, he provides content to the collection through exhibition planning and development, a robust online presence, and scholarly and community outreach. As part of his involvement in the Dumbarton Oaks community, he assists fellows in their research interests related to the museum’s collection holdings.

After graduating as a professional archaeologist from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Murro followed his lifetime interest in museums with postgraduate education in museum studies both in Japan—at the National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka—and the United States, with a master’s degree in museum studies from New York University. His interest includes cultural philanthropy and collecting, the art of Pre-Columbian complex societies, issues in cultural heritage, and the archaeology of the Central Andes. His latest projects include Written in Knots: Undeciphered Accounts of Andean Life (2019), the most comprehensive khipu exhibition to date; and “The History of the Central America and Colombian Collection at Dumbarton Oaks” (2021), a contribution to the fifth and final catalogue of the Pre-Columbian Art at Dumbarton Oaks series, edited by Colin McEwan and John W. Hoopes.