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Fellowship Community

Diana Jones Allen.

Diane Jones Allen

Examining the potential contribution of Maroon landscape and way of life to ecological protection and climate adaptation for coastal communities


Rosabella Alvarez-Calderon.

Rosabella Alvarez-Calderón

Addressing the potential of ancient sites in Lima and other palimpsest cities to be democratic “raw/free spaces”

Mellon History Teaching Fellow, Fall

Bat-ami Artzi.

Bat-ami Artzi

Revealing and contextualizing an Inca messianic vision in the iconography of the Vilcabamba piece


Annick Benavides.

Annick Benavides

Placing two Christian sculptures at the intersection of colonial politics and exploitative labor conditions in the Andes

Tyler Fellow

Caitlin Blanchfield.

Caitlin Blanchfield

Examining architectural and territorial formations of settler colonialism and appropriation of Indigenous territories in North America

Junior Fellow

Chance Bonar.

Chance Everett Bonar

Exploring the language of enslavement in the Shepherd of Hermas and the particular characteristics expected of God’s enslaved

Tyler Fellow

Rodrigo Booth.

Rodrigo Booth

Studying the aesthetic perceptions of Northern Patagonia-Araucania and the rise of a new environmental ethic


Ashley Buchanan

Ashley Buchanan

Highlighting the cultural and ecological significance of plants to human societies throughout history

Postdoctoral Fellow in Plant Humanities

Samet Budak.

Samet Budak

Exploring the connectivity of intellectual production and scholarly networks in seemingly disparate parts of the Mediterranean

Junior Fellow

Anna Kate Cannon.

Anna Kate Cannon

Contributing to institutional humanities initiatives at Dumbarton Oaks and Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Humanities Fellow

Stephanie Caruso

Stephanie Caruso

Researching the Byzantine holdings in the Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives

Postdoctoral Fellow, Byzantine Art and Archaeology, ICFA

Layale Chaker.

Layale Chaker

Developing an opera about displaced children with uppgivenhetssyndrom, or resignation syndrome

Early-Career Musician, Fall

Patricia Chirinos Ogata.

Patricia Chirinos Ogata

Investigating the process of Wari imperial expansion to the north highlands of Peru and changes in occupation strategies during the Middle Horizon

Junior Fellow

Portrait of Tom Conley

Tom Conley

Visiting Scholar, Spring

Portrait of Vera Conley

Vera Conley

Visiting Scholar, Spring

Jean De Groot.

Jean C. De Groot

Researching the content, nature, and transmission of Hellenistic mechanical texts from Heron of Alexandria to Georgios Pachymeres of Constantinople


Sylvain Destephen

Exploring the relations between Constantinople and its hinterland and how the elites of Asia Minor were attracted to the capital

Fellow, Spring

William Fash.

William L. Fash

Visiting Scholar, Fall

Emanuel Fiano.

Emanuel Fiano

Studying the compilation and transmission of canonical and theological materials, evidencing a link between these two domains of intellectual production


Julia Fine.

Julia Fine

Researching the representations and roles of plants across history

Postgraduate Plant Humanities Fellow

Natalie Gale.

Natalie Joy Gale

Contributing to institutional humanities initiatives at Dumbarton Oaks and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Humanities Fellow

Joe Glynias.

Joe Glynias

Investigating the intellectual output of the multilingual Melkite Christian scholars of Byzantine Antioch

Junior Fellow

Adam Goldwyn photo

Adam Goldwyn

Visiting Scholar, Spring

Molly Greene.

Molly Greene

Writing a history of the Pindus Mountains during the Ottoman period and interrogating the trope of localism and isolation

Fellow, Fall

David Gyllenhaal.

David Gyllenhaal

Exploring how the people of the late antique eastern Mediterranean responded to collective trauma

Junior Fellow

Christina Halperin.

Christina Halperin

Revising and rethinking how foreign identities were both born into and performed through practices of belonging and othering

Fellow, Spring

Ava Hampton.

Ava Hampton

Developing online educational resources and and helping to facilitate remote distance learning sessions with school and community partners

Postgraduate Public Programming and Outreach Fellow

Campbell Hannan.

Campbell Hannan

Contributing to institutional humanities initiatives at Dumbarton Oaks and the Folger Shakespeare Library

Humanities Fellow

Marlis Hinckley.

Marlis Hinckley

Focusing on the centrality of gardening at religious institutions to the development of knowledge about plants in the early Spanish transatlantic world

Junior Fellow

Rong Huang.

Rong Huang

Interpreting the East Syriac Christian texts written in classical Chinese during the Tang Dynasty (618–907)

Tyler Fellow

Farhan Karim

Farhan Karim

Mellon Teaching Fellow, Spring 2022

“Landscape of Urban Marginality: Bihari Camps in Dhaka, Bangladesh”

Nam Kim.

Nam Hyun Kim

Contributing to institutional humanities initiatives at Dumbarton Oaks and the George Washington University Museum and the Textile Museum

Humanities Fellow

Julia A. King.

Julia A. King

Examining how the Indigenous communities of the Rappahannock River valley used landscape  to create new forms and practices of indigeneity in a colonized world

Fellow, Spring

Olanrewaju Lasisi.

Olanrewaju Lasisi

Examining the nature and structure of power and landscape in the Ijebu Kingdom of southwestern Nigeria

Junior Fellow

David Lentz.

David L. Lentz

Synthesizing the historic and ethnographic information about Maya land use with the recent archaeological, paleoethnobotanical, and molecular genetic data

Fellow, Fall

Eleanor Lieberman

Eleanor Lieberman

Designing metrics to evaluate the success of the institution’s scholarly programming and public engagement

Postgraduate Performance Measurement and Evaluation Fellow

Lihong Liu.

Lihong Liu

Tracing the life and afterlife of the Lion Grove Garden in Suzhou, China, and its sociopolitical entanglements


Sarah Lopez.

Sarah Lopez

Tracking the development over the last fifty years of a binational construction industry organized around cantera stone

Mellon Fellow

Justin Mann.

Justin Anthony Mann

Envisioning the monastic landscape as an entity composed of interwoven cultural landscapes of authority, economy, the sacred, and natural topography.

Junior Fellow

Samantha Martin.

Samantha L. Martin

Radically rethinking the reciprocity between urbanism and democracy, focusing on the histories of political landscapes

Mellon Fellow, Fall

Juan Carlos Melendez.

Juan Carlos Melendez

Elucidating the raw materials of the tools and how these were used by ancient master craftsmen to manufacture stone ornaments in the Maya area and beyond


Emily Orr.

Emily Orr

Contributing to institutional humanities initiatives at Dumbarton Oaks and the National Gallery of Art

Humanities Fellow

Ann H. Peters.

Ann H. Peters

Synthesizing research on the Paracas Necropolis mortuary assemblage and new discoveries and insights on the Paracas-Nasca transition


Tanner Porter.

Tanner Porter

Exploring a passion for storytelling in chamber, dramatic, and orchestra compositions and performances

Early-Career Musician, Spring

Hannelore Segers

Hannelore Segers

Comparing Greek and Latin centonic and paraphrastic poems to better understand the late antique conceptions of genre

Tyler Fellow

Crystal Sheedy.

Crystal Sheedy

Connecting contemporary ethnographic findings to historical sources and demonstrating  how women are actively preserving their cultural knowledge


Glenn LaRue Smith.

Glenn LaRue Smith

Chronicling the cultural climate, areas of practice, and significant accomplishments of Black graduates of landscape architecture programs in the United States

Mellon Fellow, Spring

Nathan Tilley.

Nathan Tilley

Examines the reception of earlier Byzantine medical, theological, and philosophical literature in the thought of East Syriac monastic leader Bābai the Great

Junior Fellow

Lauren Toman.

Lauren Toman

Exploring the intersection of art, culture, power, and philanthropy in Washington, DC

Postgraduate Cultural Philanthropy Fellow

Richard Tong

Richard Tong

Sharing exciting Dumbarton Oaks research far beyond the gates through photos, video, and social media

Postgraduate Digital Media Fellow

May Wang

May Wang

Reporting on scholarship supported by Dumbarton Oaks through articles, newsletters, and social media

Postgraduate Writing and Reporting Fellow

Jacob Welch.

Jacob Welch

Studying the personhood of builders and residents to understand the internal dynamics of labor recruitment, organization, and management at a Late Classic Maya palace

Junior Fellow, Spring

Amber N. Wiley.

Amber N. Wiley

Connecting the broadening of the historic preservation field in the Bicentennial area with the continuing effort to identify, contextualize, and save Black landmarks

Mellon Fellow

Danielle Willkens.

Danielle S. Willkens

Exploring sites of conflict in Atlanta, Memphis, Washington, DC, Richmond, and Charlottesville

Mellon History Teaching Fellow, Fall

Aaron Wunsch.

Aaron Wunsch

Investigating a new type of cemetery in antebellum Philadelphia and its relationship to the “social” cemetery tradition from which early rural cemeteries

Fellow, Fall

Kostas Yiavis.

Kostas Yiavis

Arguing that the Greek vernacular romances were powerfully innovative literature within a thought-world of prodigious cultural exchanges in the eastern Mediterranean


Robin Darling Young.

Robin Darling Young

Focusing on Evagrius of Pontus’s efforts to answer and rebut the philosophy of Porphyry and other fourth-century Hellenic writers and his understanding of the role of the gnostikos, or sage


Gabriel Ziaukas

Gabriel Ziaukas

Researching the history of the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens to develop materials for the centennial celebration

Postgraduate Curatorial Fellow for the Garden Centennial